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Writing to a Theme for the 13th Edition of the SDWEG Anthology

4 Apr 2022 1:19 PM | Deleted user

This year’s Guilded Pen – 2024 Anthology theme is:  Good Luck or Is It?

Note: The blog post below was written ahead of the announcement of our 11th edition (2022) of Guilded Pen anthology. For information about the requirements for the 13th edition, see The information in this blog post applies to the 13th edition, but the information here is not everything submitters need to know about the process. 

What is a “theme” – it is, simply put, the meaning of the story. This year’s anthology theme is Good Luck or Is It? Each submission must address this theme in some way: drama, comedy, enlightenment/transcendence. 

While writing a short story with a theme in mind seems intimidating, below are some ways that might inspire you as you weave a thematic message through your work. 

Here are links to helpful tips on writing to a theme in short stories. 

The Simple Way to Weave a Thematic Message:

and › writing › themes-short-stories

“The best works of literary fiction are driven by an overriding theme.” Some famous contemporary authors explain how they write to a theme:

Here are tips on how to write a theme-based short story:

Some ideas to fit the theme of the 13th edition, Good Luck or Is It, might be stories of success or failure or facing a challenge. Considering the association of the number 13 with bad luck might also serve as inspiration.

Have some fun with the theme as you focus on creating your short story.

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